What is Evergreen Veterinary Care doing to keep me and my pet safe during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The safety of you and your furry family are our top priority.  We require that all who enter our facility, staff included, to be fully masked the entire time they are with us.   

What is “Fear Free?”

Our ultimate goal for you and your pet is to enjoy a long and happy relationship together.  In order to achieve this goal Evergreen Vet combines exceptional client service, experience, and veterinary medicine with the principals of Fear Free.
Fear Free is a movement to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in pets and to promote their emotional wellbeing.  There is no place more important for this movement than the veterinary clinic.  All too often pets are terrified to go to the very place that is meant to improve their wellbeing. 
Evergreen Veterinary Care believes that not only does every pet deserve to have a positive experience at their veterinary appointment, but that doing so directly improves the quality of the health care that the pet is able to receive.  We provide a Fear Free experience by applying Fear Free guidelines to every aspect of your pet’s care from the way our building was constructed to our medical protocols.  Each of our team members have earned their Fear Free Certification which involves 12 hours of extra training. Below are just some of the ways that Evergreen Vet creates a Fear Free experience:
  • Eliminating the waiting in the waiting room
    • When clients arrive, they are greeted and escorted promptly into the exam room
    • Check in and check out both occur in the exam room.
  • Using an abundance of positive reinforcement, especially treats.
  • Offering a feline- only exam room
  • Utilizing calming pheromones throughout the clinic
  • Treating pets in the exam room rather than taking them away from their owners into “the back” when at all possible.
  • Trading out rectal thermometers for less offensive ear thermometers
  • Incorporating sound attenuation strategies into our building construction.
  • Practicing low stress handling techniques
Click here to learn more about the Fear Free movement.

As a pet parent, what do I need to know about COVID-19?

At this time, there is new evidence COVID-19 causes illness in some animals. It is still uncertain if COVID-19 can be passed to pet dogs and cats, between pets or from pets to humans. Given the novelty of this virus, it is prudent for anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, or under quarantine awaiting diagnosis, to follow special precautions.
If you are currently under quarantine, you should avoid contact with your pets and have someone else (of a low risk group) care for them.
It is advisable for all pet owners to practice social distancing with not only other people, but other pets as well. Frequent hand washing at all times, regardless of whether you are feeling sick or not, is also recommended.
Please see the current update from the CDC about COVID-19 and pets.