At Evergreen Veterinary Care, community outreach is a part of our core values. To support this, we have created a fund called EVCares. Did you know that EVC is working with BARCS and the MD SPCA to treat some of their most vulnerable incoming pets? There are some pets that are surrendered to the shelter for inability to support serious medical conditions and through partnership we are working to help diagnose and treat these pets to give them a second chance at life!

In addition to our partnership with BARCS and the MD SPCA, we will be partnering with local community organizations to provide free rabies vaccination clinics for underserved communities throughout Baltimore City.  At these events, we hope to provide more than just vet care, we will provide FAMILY care.  We will distribute both food and pet goodies to our guests, while providing friendly faces and caring hearts.

Would you like to donate to our mission?

For more information on our cause, please email us or visit us on Facebook!


We cannot thank our sponsors enough for their contributions to EVCares. Without them, we could not reach as many animals as we can through our efforts.

THANK YOU for your support of EVCares!